Radical Hospitality Campaign!

Be a Part of the Stony Point Center Community Wherever You Are — Join Our 2017 Radical Hospitality Campaign! 

 All you have to do is invite someone over you don’t know well and get to know them better. Then, let us know about it by posting on Facebook, Twitter, or at www.stonypointcenter.org/hospitable

wall to bridge

Please use the hashtag #radicalhospitality

For each act of hospitality that we hear about, we will remove one block from our Lego "wall of fear" and add it to our Lego "bridge of understanding" on display in the Dining Room at Stony Point Center.

So put your intention out there and start extending the invitation... we look forward to hearing about it!

Questions? Contact Kitty at 845-786-5671 x121 

Art by Maya Horton, Stony Point Center Artist-in-Residence

Hospitality on the Road: the Community of Living Traditions at Ritsona Refugee Camp in Greece

In November of 2016, Community of Living Traditions and Muslim Peace Fellowship members Susan Smith and Sherly Fabre traveled to Ritsona Refugee Camp in Greece to provide interpretation, food and supplies distribution assistance. Responding to a call from former SPC Artist-in-Residence Arielle Stein, Susan and Sherly linked with Echo100Plus, an Austrian NGO that helps operate the camp. Arielle reported that they urgently needed assistance. Her call came at a time when the Assad regime and Russia were decimating Aleppo and other regions of Syria; and ISIS had just retaken control of Mosul in Iraq, causing successive waves of exodus to Turkey, Greece, and other regions of safety.

In addition to providing critical aid, Susan, Arielle and Sherly experienced incredible hospitality and connection across faith traditions from the refugees themselves.

Check out this video of Arielle and her fiance Jacob Plitman, who are Jewish, becoming engaged at Ritsona camp at an Islamic ceremony hosted by Syrian Arab and Kurd residents.