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Another Successful Summer Internship

Our Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit Internship was a resounding success and we just bade farewell to another inspirational group of young adults. Their commitment to the hard work of living in community was impressive and humbling for the staff and volunteers who witnessed their experience. Many in our larger community had the opportunity to work closely with the diverse group of Christians, Muslims and Jews in areas of text study, gardening and the study and practice of nonviolence.

In its third year, the Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit Internship chose sixteen youth, ages 18-24, to participate in thematic areas around food justice. Their six weeks were packed with activities like growing food, managing compost, working with local farmers, learning Community Supported Agriculture, visiting houses of worship. They took field trips to the 9/11 Memorial Park, Isabella Freedman Farm, Holmes Camp, and the Interfaith Partnership for the Elimination of Poverty conference.

We know the participants are forever changed by this experience. We hope their time here gives them the strength and courage to continue the hard work of social justice in a multifaith context.

Learn more about our summer internship opportunity here.

Read the poem by David, one of the interns.

internships come and internships go
we wake in the morning, put on our clothes,
how much we learn and how much we live
depends on the questions we ask of our selves

i came here to learn , not just bout religion
but about my self, my ways, who i am
i tried my best to be fully present
to go with the flow, rather than push

being here helped me grow, so much, i am grateful
for the safe space, support, and warm, loving hearts
being here i have settled, become stronger, and stable
in my life's journey, you've sure played a part

thank you dear friends, for riding with me
the current of life, the current of love
may we grow every day, like flowers, towards light
feet rooted in earth, hands reaching above

so as we are parting, i look back in my mind
for memories of joy, they're easy to find
weeding at cropsy, the first time at juma
quaking with quakers, hassan the puma

leading shabbat, hearing bims, hearing bams
learning bout food, and the history of lawns
taking the plunge into compost galore
hearing auss cheer as his soccer team scores

squished in the kitchen as we all went to snack
11pm the sky's fully black
and when day light comes, we cram in again
eating eggs, drinking chai til reflection began.

these memories and more, i pray will sustain us
as we part our ways, and travel a far
may you learn to believe a new world is a dawning
may your hearts cry with joy, as you look at the stars

thank you dear friends, for riding with me
the current of life, the current of love
may we grow every day, like flowers, towards light
feet rooted in earth, hands reaching above