Reflection from Arielle Stein, our Artist-in-Residence

ASteininprogressThe Artist-in-Residence program at The Stony Point Center has given me the gift of time. Spending four months living alongside the CLT community has been mind opening, giving me the opportunity and privilege to engage with religious “otherness” in an encouraging environment. These past four months have allowed me to work with individuals and groups through art, as well as giving me access to people and experiences I would not ordinarily stumble upon in daily life.

My art practice is a direct extension of my inner self, and both have grown in complex and still unfolding ways as a result of this experience. I expect that the impact of my time at Stony Point will continue to reveal itself in my future work, and I appreciate the time spent with everyone at the Center. My work from this time can be found on instagram and on my website. The links are included below.




Festival of Faiths

CLTAllanElnaBoesakFestivalofFaithsWhat could make five adults want to drive 1600 miles in a Toyota Avalon together? We were trekking to Louisville, KY, to be a part of the 21st Annual Festival of Faiths. The theme this year was Sacred Wisdom: Pathways to Nonviolence, and the speakers were pretty amazing. Each day included sessions on spiritual practice, sacred wisdom, pathways to nonviolence, and art and the sacred. There were speakers from around the world and close by, and their offerings wove the words of Thomas Merton throughout.

One of the highlights for the five of us was to meet Allan and Elna Boesak from South Africa. Allan is a liberation theologian and author who was prominent in the anti-apartheid struggle, and who was President of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches from 1982-1991.  Elna is a professional reporter. They lived at Stony Point Center for a year in 1995 with their children, and we've invited them to come spend time with us again during their time here in the United States next winter or spring. Stay tuned. 

The content of the week is far better than anything you could watch on TV this week. You can find it all here on the Youtube channel for the Festival of Faiths.