Stony Point Center is home to the Community of Living Traditions (CLT), a multifaith, residential, intentional community of Muslims, Jews, and Christians, dedicated to the study and practice of hospitality, nonviolence, peace, justice and earthcare. We are committed to parity among these three traditions within our community.

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Membership in the CLT is an intentional community experience that involves living and working with others who share many similar aspirations toward a better world, and also come from many different backgrounds and perspectives. 

Who We Are

We are grounded in our individual faiths, and we are committed to building unity and understanding among us. We are not trying to meld our traditions, but rather support and inspire each other to live out our own traditions as authentically as each of us can.

We practice the hospitality of our Muslim, Jewish, and Christian traditions as we welcome conferences and guests at Stony Point Center.

We commit to action that supports the movements for peace and justice in the wider world, while strengthening multifaith involvement in these movements.


CLT is an affiliate of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Fellowship of Intentional Communities. It is supported by three faith communities on campus: Muslim Peace Fellowship, the SPC Christian Community, and the SPC Jewish Community.


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Ismail was born in Palestine on a family farm in Hebron. His love of the land led him to studies in history and geography. For several years he worked as a member of a volunteer team that joined farmers in reforesting Palestine with olive trees and evergreen trees. Continuing in this work, Ismail is committed to international organizing efforts around eco-justice. Ismail has participated in and led many groups - such as - Combatants for Peace and the Parents Circle Families Forum - which are aimed at bringing Israelis and Palestinians together to talk, to see each other without judgement, and to listen to each other. He spent five years at Ecome, an intentional community in the occupied West Bank made up of Palestinians, Israelis, and people from all over the world who are committed to the values of peace, justice, and nonviolence. There he deepened his yoga practice and knowledge of permaculture. He joined the Community of Living Traditions in January 2018 after learning about it through a friend involved in Nonviolent Communication. Here at Stony Point Center Ismail enjoys being involved in guest transportation, landscape maintenance and beautification, kitchen prep, and cultivation of some vegetables that are native to Palestine as a volunteer. Ismail loves to cook meals for the community, share his Pranayana yoga practice with others, and continually practice the art of nonviolent communication. He believes in the saying, “One day your heart will be your passport,” meaning that the openness of our hearts can transport us across many borders and is at the root of peace.

joyce bJoyce Bressler

Joyce Bressler is a longtime friend of the Stony Point Center through her over twenty years of work with the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Jewish Peace Fellowship, as well as being a long time resident and activist in Rockland County.  With a BA in Government from American University and an MA in Education from New York University, she came to SPC in 2013 to be part of the Jewish cohort of the Community of Living Traditions. Joyce volunteers in the gift shop, and has been part of the Leadership Team of the Summer Institute for young adults “Farm the Land Grow the Spirit” since 2014. She is active in community life in many ways and serves on the Inner Team and Housing Committee. She is passionate about drumming, dancing, singing, writing and local politics.

img 20150626 105044 cathy skittlesCathy Burrafato

After working over 20 years as a Resource Center Coordinator for a middle governing body of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and serving as a Church Administrative Assistant/Christian Education Coordinator, Cathy made a life change. With four sons grown and on their own, she sold their home in New Jersey and came to Stony Point Center. Cathy started her Volunteer Resident life here in 2014, supporting the SPC staff by serving as the Caretaker/Hostess of the Gilmor Sloane guest house. Since then she has added other support to SPC by being part of a Transportation team, the Front Desk welcoming team, and, most recently, a newly created Landscaping Team. As part of the Community of Living Traditions Cathy has chosen to support the community by working with our Inner Team, a group that looks at the needs of and finds ways to support the community members. She also helps out with the Housing Team and its projects whenever possible and enjoys being part of our new "Fix-Up" Team. Her faith is supported by being part of the Christian Cohort. 


Warren CooperWarren P1060210 Warren compressed

Warren Cooper is a life-long member of the Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center (CLT). As a member of the Governing Board that approved Rick and Kitty’s proposal, he has grown with the CLT in various levels of engagement. Currently he is the Volunteer Curator of SPC Productions, which is a media-based ministry of storytelling and documentary seed planting. Warren is based in Philadelphia and spends 1 week personally and 3 weeks virtually with the CLT. In Warren’s “other” life he is the Executive Producer of Music Media Ministry, a multi-media production company focused on the manufacturing and trafficking of Positive Art that nurtures the Movement for Non-Violent Justice Peace. ( Warren has a life-long history of service in the PCUSA, beginning with being the eldest son of a Presbyterian Minister. From there Warren has served on every Judicatory level of the Church. He is an Ordained Ruling Elder and Minister of Music who engages the world as a Producer, Broadcaster, Professional Musician and Performance Artist. Warren’s latest CD release is GUITARS AND VOICES…Talking About Choices. It is a work greatly inspired by Stony Point Center and the CLT that tenders creatively surgical observations about the fission in the collision of Social Justice, Righteous Requirements and the American Dream. 10% of all CD sales are pledged to benefit Stony Point Center. ( You can hear Warren Sunday Mornings on OVATIONS Gospel Music Radio on Sundays @ 6:00a – 9:00a * Listen Live To The Jazz Stream @

Amy DaltonAmy Dalton

Amy Dalton has been a member of the Christian Circle of the Community of Living Traditions since 2012. Her volunteer roles at SPC are currently focused in communications, fundraising and community engagement. Amy considers herself a faith-rooted scholar-activist, and has been an “observer-participant” in many social justice movements, including Black Lives Matter and African solidarity organizing, the sanctuary movement and immigrant advocacy, the global indymedia network, death penalty and prison abolition, student-labor solidarity, women’s and LGBTQIA liberation. Currently, she is a member of the support team of Proyecto Faro, a founding member of the Ambazonia Prisoners of Conscience Support Network, and serves on the board of the Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice (CLBSJ). Amy holds a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary with a research focus in faith-based community organizing, and a Bachelor of Arts with high honors in sociology/anthropology from Swarthmore College with research focuses in prison history, anthropology of religion and Marxist social theory. She was raised primarily as a United Methodist, and has also been influenced by the tradition of devotion to Mother Mary. She and her partner have a 3-year old daughter.

Farah El-JayyousiFarah

Farah is a member of the Muslim cohort and her volunteer service includes greeting guests at the front desk or brainstorming ways to promote Stony Point Center using social media. She enjoys beautifying common spaces on campus and believes any room could always use more throw pillows. In her spare time, Farah likes to befriend stray cats and wild animals and go on solo adventures exploring the area. At any given time, she is probably reading a minimum of 3 books.





Sherly FabreSherly

Sherly Fabre is an activist with a background in international political-economy, conflict resolution, interfaith dialogue and communications. She is a member of the Muslim Peace Fellowship and Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center, a volunteer librarian at the Islamic Library located at Stony Point Center, and representative to the United Nations for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation. Originally from Haiti, Sherly has lived most of her life as a Haitian immigrant in the United States. She is a founding member of Proyecto Faro, an immigrant-lead organization whose goal is to weave networks of support and solidarity for immigrants in Rockland County, NY. She also organized against war, sexism and racism, and is active in the Palestine solidarity and Black Lives Matter movements. Sherly comes to Ambazonian solidarity organizing as a Haitian person with direct experience of French neocolonialism.

Laura GottwaldLauraGottwald

Laura’s journey has included trying out various systems of belief from astrology to Jehovah’s Witnesses to working in a conservative Christian counseling center in Times Square under the auspices of Campus Crusade for Christ. Her formal education includes a Masters in Religious Education from NYU and a Masters of Divinity from NYTS. Laura’s current passions include: theology, the Bible, preaching, biblical storytelling, politics and the mission of the Community of Living Traditions here at Stony Point. She is committed to CLT’s vision, “to create and maintain a space for multi-faith and multi-cultural encounter, where spiritual resources for personal and collective work can be claimed” while working for justice and peace on the planet. Her hobbies are quilting, arts and crafts and writing.

Norman GottwaldNormanG3

Norman K. Gottwald is Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at New York Theological Seminary and taught previously at the Graduate Theological Union and Andover Newton Theological School. He is author of The Tribes of Yahweh, a celebrated study of the origins of ancient Israel as an indigenous peasant uprising. His other writings include The Hebrew Bible: A Socio-Literary Introduction, The Hebrew Bible in Its Social World and in Ours, The Politics of Ancient Israel, and, as co-author, The Bible and Liberation: Political and Social Hermeneutics. He is a pioneer in the use of social theory and method in biblical studies, a world-wide lecturer on the critical relevance of the Bible to contemporary social struggles, and a citizen activist in numerous civil rights, anti-war, and pro-labor movements and organizations. As an ordained minister of American Baptist Churches USA, he is a strong advocate of popular biblical study committed to social change.


Rabia Terri Harrisrabia 4

Rabia is a co-founder of the Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center. She serves as Chaplain and Scholar in Residence at the Center, where she is also on the faculty of the “Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit” Summer Institute for Young People. In 1994, Rabia founded the Muslim Peace Fellowship (MPF) the first American Muslim association devoted to the theory and practice of Islamic nonviolence. In 2009, her long experience in spirituality and community service led to her being chosen as the first president of the Association of Muslim Chaplains. As a theorist and investigator in Islamic peacebuilding and multireligious solidarity for justice, Rabia writes extensively and has lectured and offered workshops nationally and internationally. She holds a BA in Religion from Princeton University, an MA in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures from Columbia University, and a Graduate Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy from Hartford Seminary. She loves to garden and has been happily married for over a decade.

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Sarah Henkel is a Presbyterian pastor with roots in the Mennonite tradition. She joined the Community of Living Traditions in 2015. Sarah currently serves as Parish Associate at White Plains Presbyterian Church across the Hudson River from Stony Point. Sarah is a member of the Faith Working Group of the Alliance for Fair Food and part of the Support Team for Proyecto Faro, a grassroots immigrant rights group growing in Rockland County. She is a birth doula and finds birth to be a powerful lens through which to expect and envision the new and just world always coming to life around us. Sarah volunteers at the front desk at Stony Point Center and enjoys developing art and graphics for use in the community...and just for fun. She uses some of these designs to create silkscreens for printing t-shirts for community events and guest groups. Sarah invites you to come check out the Community of Living Traditions t-shirt printing press in the Stony Point Center Art Space. Sarah's daily routine includes rediscovering the fine arts of curiosity and deer-observation alongside her 2-year-old child and her partner, Will Summers (one of the SPC Farmers)

Asher Joy Menasheimage

Asher ('AJ') is a native New Yorker and member of the Jewish Cohort within Community of Living Traditions. She is a volunteer member of the farm team and a master gardener for Stony Point Center. She received her MA in Jewish Communal Services at Gratz college in 2016 and her BA in Philosophy from Brooklyn College in 1999. Her masters internship was actually right here Stony Point Center, where she focused on program development. As a member of CLT, she focuses her community connections on networks of Jews of Color such as the Jews of Color Torah Academy (JOCTA), Black Yids Matter BYM, Bend the Arc's Moral Minyan, and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) Jews of Color Caucus. Some programs that she seeded and nurtured with other members of the Community of Living Traditions (CLT) are: Sanctuary for Landscaping: Pastoral Earth Care (SLPEC); the Unpacking Practice; and the Listening Practice (inspired by the Human Library). SLPEC is landscaping and gardening on the Earth and ecosystem terms. The Unpacking Practice is an internal - CLT - practice to address systemic racism, religious-gender identity-sexual orientation bigotry, and economic inequities by deliberately reflection and discerning together as CLT. The Listening Practice encourages the use of the primal skill of oral history by having Story Tellers tell others their stories. This will be particularly useful for activists. Stay tuned for Listening Space Events that will include our communities and affiliates!

David RaglandDavid Ragland

Dr. David Ragland is Senior Bayard Rustin Fellow at the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FORusa). David co-founded and served as co-director of the Truth Telling Project, which began in the early days of the Ferguson Uprising to shift the narrative of the protests and police violence. David is the co-host of the “We Stay Woke” podcast, and teaches at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Community Liberation and Eco-Psychology. David was recently inducted into the Martin Luther King Jr Collegium of Scholars at Morehouse College. He is a contributing editor for Waging Nonviolence Magazine, co-author of “Systemic Humiliation in America” and recently published a chapter on Radical Truth Telling and Ferguson in the “Handbook on Violence in Education.” David is also part of the Muslim Peace Fellowship and a multifaith resident member of the Community of Living Traditions in Stony Point, NY. David has served on the board of directors for the Peace and Justice Studies Association, the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s National Council, and as U.N. Representative for the International Peace Research Association.

Danielle Saint Louis

Danielle is a non-binary and queer being of Haitian/Canadian descent. They are a parent and member of the SPC childcare cooperative, supporting and nurturing youth development on campus. As a resident volunteer, Danielle serves at the front desk at Stony Point Center and enjoys hiking, swimming and boating in nearby forest, mountain and lake areas. Since joining the SPC community in October 2018, Danielle has contributed to co-creating the Unpacking Space for the CLT and groundskeeping with the Sanctuary for Landscaping: Pastoral Earth Care (SLPEC) project. Danielle is a practicing Buddhist and member of the Order of Interbeing, an ordained student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Susan Smithsusans

Susan Smith is a member of the Muslim Peace Fellowship and Muslim Cohort of the Community of Living Traditions (CLT) at Stony Point Center since 2014. In addition to volunteering at the Front Desk, she is a member of the Outer Team, which engages in interfaith, peace and social justice outreach and activism at local, regional, national and international levels. Susan is also Director of Operations of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Her main areas of focus and public speaking are migrant justice, confronting Islamophobia, and ending the United States’ military industrial complex and planned destruction and colonization of the Middle East. Along with other members of CLT, Susan is active in the International Sanctuary Declaration Campaign aimed at exchanging information on migrant solidarity work across borders, faiths and cultural contexts; and building international grassroots civil society power to respond to the escalating crisis of displacement. She is the author of Biblical Children's Stories As Told In The Qur'an published by Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an Press and sold in the SPC Fair Trade Multi-faith Gift Shop. Susan deeply loves her daughters Yasmine (age 23) and Dareen (age 21), who constantly keep her privilege in check by reminding her that she’s white; and she is immensely fond of her cats Macho and Bubala.

img 8112 for bioMatt Zeltzer

Matt Zeltzer is a member of the Jewish Cohort of the Community of Living Traditions. He grew up in Rockland County, NY, attended Vassar College, and participated in Stony Point Center’s first Summer Institute in 2010. Matt has worked at several Organic and Biodynamic farms in the Hudson Valley, and is an active member of IfNotNow, a movement aimed to end American Jewish support for the occupation of Palestine. He is a volunteer member of the Stony Point Center Farm Team.