About Us

Stony Point Center is located in the scenic Hudson River Valley, 45 minutes northwest of New York City in beautiful upstate New York.

A space committed to welcoming guests from all walks of life, fostering dialogue, inspiring spiritual work and eradicating systemic racism and institutionalized poverty. 

Owned and operated by the Presbyterian Church (USA) for over 40 years, Stony Point Center rests on 30 acres of nature, gardens and farmland. The Meditation Space, Labyrinth and Art Space help guests explore faith, creativity, community and leadership building.

Mission & Vision

Mission: Stony Point Center nurtures a place of inclusion and acceptance so guest groups can confront and transform the brokenness of our shared physical and spiritual world.

Vision: Stony Point Center strives to be the retreat center of choice for communities committed to justice and peace by equipping, connecting and inspiring excellence. We are serve as a multi-faith retreat center owned by the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Stony Point Center strives to be a sanctuary for sacred work and the people doing it, open on four sides like Abraham’s tent, honored to receive and be received by angels of transformation from all walks of life. Our multi-faith retreat center aspires to be a place where living connections of solidarity are built, especially with and among those marginalized by mainstream religious or other institutions in the broader culture.  

We are deeply committed to the work of dismantling institutional racism, eradicating systemic poverty, and revitalizing congregations/faith communities. Along with this are our intersectional priorities of addressing climate change, gender justice/heteropatriarchy, and militarism. SPC serves as the primary training center for members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) who continue to undertake this important work in their own congregations and communities at home.