Many of the people you will see working around Stony Point Center are volunteers. Volunteers help at the front desk, host groups, staff the gift shop, work in the garden, and cook in the kitchen among many other things. Some of our volunteers are members of the Community of Living Traditions, our multifaith residential community. Some volunteers come for a short time and some have been here for many years.

joyce bJoyce Bressler

Joyce Bressler is a longtime associate of the Stony Point Center through her work with the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Jewish Peace Fellowship, as well as a longtime resident and activist in Rockland County. She came here in the summer of 2013 to be part of the multifaith Community of Living Traditions. Joyce volunteers in the gift shop, is part of the leadership team for the 2014 and upcoming 2015 Summer Institute for young adults and is actively involved in building Jewish life at Stony Point Center. Her son Matthew Zeltzer participated in the Summer Institute in 2010, and is currently the farm assistant on campus.

img 20150626 105044 cathy skittlesCathy Burrafato

Cathy Burrafato is the caretaker and hostess of our Gilmor Sloane guest house. She came to live in residence there in 2014 and became part of the Community of Living Traditions. Cathy is part of our “Inner Team” which focuses on the needs and comfort of our current and new residents and part of the “Beautification Team” and can often be found working on sewing projects for the center. She is the mother of four grown sons and current caretaker of their elderly family Corgi, Skittles, who can often be seen taking long, slow walks with Cathy to the compost pile.

bill cBill Collins

Bill works for Guest Services, and sets up meeting spaces for our guests.  He is always willing to assist where he is needed, and serves as a liaison for the Royal Thai Scholar program each December.  He is struggling to improve his German, because he occasionally visits Germany to sing in the streets.  Bill's songs are available on Spotify and and ITunes.  His website is

Sarah HenkelIMG 20160824 132330Sarah

jane 11-4-10Jane MacDonald

Jane MacDonald is a member of the Advisory Board of Stony Point Center. She works in many capacities - planning, finance, sewing, building and grounds work, etc. Most recently, her focus is the new art center - plans, recruiting work groups, etc.

asher joyAsher Joy Menashe

Asher ('AJ') is a native New Yorker, member of the Jewish Cohort within Community of Living Traditions and grad school attendee (Gratz College - Jewish Communal Services). She's committed to SPC's Farm-Garden and SPC-ERT emergency prep.

garyGary Pratt

Gary Pratt, along with his wife Joyce, has been a volunteer since November 2008. He can often be found working at the front desk, greeting guests as they arrive. As a member of the Hospitality Team, Gary serves as a host for groups staying at the center. Gary is also a member of the Stony Point Center Governing Board. Before retirement, Gary was a technical support manager at AT&T in New Jersey for 22 1/2 years.

joyce pJoyce Cass Pratt

Joyce has been retired since 1996 from AT&T after a 17-1/2 year career as a technical support manager. Joyce became a volunteer in November of 2008 with her husband Gary. They both enjoy providing hospitality at the front desk and around campus.

bonnieBonnie J Ruggiero

Bonnie deals with financial reports and special projects. She is a liaison for Allison House with the Presbyterian Foundation that holds the investments for the maintenance of the property and PC (USA) that leases the house for programs at SPC. She's involved with her Presbyterian church and the Presbytery of Elizabeth. Also, she's the treasurer of El Centro Hispanoamericano, Plainfield NJ, and is a self-employed financial consultant to nonprofits and individuals. She has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. She loves knitting & traveling.

img 8112 for bioMatthew Zeltzer

Matt is a graduate from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. He grew up in Rockland County and has had experience working and volunteering at several Organic and Biodynamic farms in the Hudson Valley. He was a participant in the first Summer Institute held here at Stony Point Center in 2010, and joined SPC as a part of the Community of Living Traditions in May of 2013. He works as a farm assistant to Will Summers.