Testimonials from Stony Point Center Guests

"I appreciated the simplicity of the facility and food service.  The rooms are comfortable without being lavish, the food is delicious, healthy, and lovingly presented.  The interfaith mission of the Center pervades all of their hospitality. I wish there were a similar facility near where I live." ~Sharen Gates, Sojourner

"Staying at Stony Point was a revelation in how terrific and loving hospitality can be.  Thank you for all your many kindnesses, delicious food, good accomodation and the simple beauty of community."  - Kristina Jones, Stuart Perrin Group

"Stony Point's hospitality/guest services staff were professional, friendly, highly knowledgeable about the facility and always ready to assist with our groups' needs or requests.  The location was excellent, well maintained and highly professional staff. ~Guest, New Visions Aim Charter School

"We did appreciate the felxibility to allow us to bring in our own snacks.  Absolutely loved seeing the staff bring wagons of fresh produce from the gardens to the kitchen in the morning.  Gave a new feel to the "farm to table" phrase!" ~Rosemary Calderalo, International Spiritualist Federation

"Great place to get away from the city and relax.  Organic food served is delicious!  Meditation Center available.  There is a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquility all over this place.  The staff is very friendly and always helpful.  Loved it!" ~Victor Romero, Sojourner

"Excellent quality food.  Truly tasty every time....The location is very close to NYC but it feels like it is 3,000 miles away in the middle of the woods; it was awesome and relaxing." ~Guest, Bright Power Group

"It's such a great space for us - and everything was wonderfully clean when we arrived!   What makes our time at Stony Point so wonderful is that the entire team works together to ensure a great visit!  Everyone is so nice and so invested.  It's great.  Stony Point is part of our family reunion tradition now!" ~Ted Devillafranca, Devillafranca Group

"We really valued the warmth and laid back atmosphere of the staff and how welcoming you all were of our work.  The setting is beautiful and the campus had lots of little nooks and interesting things going on.  It was a great setting for moving forward with our work." Maryse Mitchell Brody, Resource Generation 

"Great atmosphere, excellent food, very hiker friendly." ~2017 Appalachian Trail Hiker

"Food is incredible, staff go out of their way to be helpful.  Room setup was great." ~ Guest, Joseph Plan Foundation

"Staff really worked with us to meet our needs all throughout the process." ~ Guest, The Event Training

"Thank you very much for all of your assistance in getting our retreat off the ground! We had a wonderful time with Shem in the Meditation Space, enjoyed eating lunch at the picnic tables outside Evergreen and having snacks in the lovely Gilmor Sloane House.  Stony Point Center is a treasure!" ~Deborah Brown, Riverkeeper, Inc. 

"So delicious and the kitchen staff were beyond accomodating to all our special dietary needs.  A real feast!" ~Marjorie, AAP Steering Committee Retreat