"Staying at Stony Point was a revelation in how terrific and loving hospitality can be.  Thank you for all your many kindnesses, delicious food, good accomodations and the simple beauty of community."  Kristina Jones w/ Stuart Perrin

Stony Point Center is located about a mile from the Hudson River in a small community. It is not really a "camp in the woods." Instead, picture beautiful lawns, vegetable gardens and a tranquil setting that has both woods and other houses located immediately around us, and you'll have a good idea of what to expect.

Please contact Cynthia Lemoine-Germana, guest services, contracts and billing, if you have any questions about our accommodations. (845) 786-5674 x 122

If you would like to see building layouts for our accommodations, they are available in pdf format here.

We offer a variety of accommodation possibilities. Explore your possibilities!

If you're looking for something completely different, consider spending a night in the Hermitage (for one person). Our Stone House apartment offers two bedrooms and a small kitchen.

Lodges 002


Simple accommodations 
with shared bathrooms for 
up to 140 people

Gilmor Sloane House

Victorian mansion
with 11 bedrooms 
with private baths


Allison House

Charming home with room 
for 16 people in 6 bedrooms 
with its own kitchen