Art Space

The Art Space at Stony Point is a new facility. There are pottery, fiber arts, and woodworking studios, as well as a Gallery and Great Room. The Great Room is ideal for quilters, scrapbookers, painters, weavers, puppet makers - it is bright and open, with skylights and lots of windows. The studios can be used for a number of different things: paper making, dyeing, collage, pottery. It is handicapped accessible.

Fiber Arts Studio, 12
Pottery Studio, 10
Great Room, 50 in theater-style seating or 12-24 with work tables.



Each lodge (Beech, Walnut, and Magnolia) is laid out with a central lounge, which can be used as a meeting space for groups of up to 20. Groups of this size can have a private space, with meeting and sleeping rooms all in one building! We can make sure our housekeeping staff respects your privacy.

Other groups find it works well to use this space for child care.


Meditation Space

The exterior of our glass-and-stone Meditation Space has become a symbol of our Center, and the interior space a popular locale for spiritual work.  Glass on 3 sides, with a gas fireplace on the fourth, it is a great place to feel connected with the outdoors, while cozy inside.

Some ways this space can be used include:
theater-style for as many as 30 people, 
board-room style (tables in a hollow square) for up to 20
yoga mats for up to 10

Lower Stone House

The cozy living room of the Lower Stone House apartment can provide a separate break-out space, especially for groups using the Arts Space or Meditation Space.  It has even been used as a recording studio.
Of course, use must be co-ordinated with any guests occupying the apartment.