061511 luke 6 045Imagine yourself in a small boat, paddling around a lake. You might be alone in a kayak at dawn, with only a few others in kayaks sharing the stillness of the moment. Or you might be part of a group of energetic teenagers, several to a canoe, singing cheerful songs as you race each other to the far end - or even through the culvert to the next lake.
Stony Point Center is located just minutes away from Harriman State Park, with access to several lakes there. We have six canoes and four recreational kayaks, complete with paddles and life jackets for all users. Any or all of these can be loaded on our trailer and pulled to Harriman with our pick-up.
Our staff includes several people who can help teach paddling skills.
If you would like to include boating in your group's Stony Point experience, please mention this when you make your group reservation. Advance notice is important to us as we schedule our resources.


  • Because Harriman is a public park, we cannot guarantee what other paddlers may be on any lake when you visit there. Like the weather of the moment, your group will be only part of what determines whether your experience is lively or serene.

  • Sorry, insurance and safety considerations do not permit us to let guests use our boats without supervision by our staff.