Maple Lodge

Stony Point Center Maple Lodge

Max Capacity: 68 people (double-occupancy)

Between the Meditation Space and Evergreen Dining Hall is Maple Lodge. All bedrooms are equipped with their own air conditioning unit—making each room that much safer from the spread of Covid-19. Three wings come together in the middle to share two conference rooms and a break-out/ping-pong room. This lodge offers dedicated private bathrooms and shower rooms.

So, plan your next conference for up to 68 people in Maple Lodge! Designed and built with the express intent of fostering community and sharing, the simple accommodations on one level made up of three wings and two central rooms naturally encourage interaction while also providing privacy and comfort.

Each room is outfitted with its own air conditioning unit and many feature mid-century built-in desks, armoires, and a sink.  Dedicated private bathrooms and shower rooms located in the hallways mean you rarely have to wait to use any of the amenities plus have the fun of more interaction with your fellow retreat guests.

Relax and enjoy the views of our campus from the large windows or take a stroll out onto the grounds where you’ll find hammocks, fire pits, badminton, a labyrinth, pergola and even a small hike through the woods.   

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