Martha "Maud" Bartlett

August – November 2019

SPC is thrilled to welcome Martha "Maud" Bartlett back for her third residency. Maud is a potter, fiber artist, and a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Learn more at Zen Hands.MarthaEmbroidery

Maud's first official role in teaching was at SPC in 1984-5 as a young woman when the first pottery studio was created here.

Maud Bartlett returns for a third year as Artist-in-Residence. She comes from Louisville, KY and her focus is on pottery, fiber art and an energy bodywork called Jin Shin Jyutsu. Maud initially began a pottery studio at Stony Point Center in the 1980's and enjoys coming full circle back to continue pottery in the Art Space. Besides weekly open studio time, she is available for hosting clay workshops for visiting groups.

"During my time at Stony Point Center I hope to be able to make a viable clay space, kiln firing success, wheel working studio a hub of creativity and conversation for the Stony Point Community and its guests while also exploring functional clay forms through aesthetics and functionality," she says.

When she is not covered in clay, she enjoys creating functional hand-dyed cotton quilts. Currently she has a recently made quilt on display in the Art Space gallery and you are welcome to visit and see what else she is currently making.

Maud is also a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu and she offers sessions to the members of the Community of Living Traditions who live at the center as well as guest. Unlike massage, the client is fully clothed and the body work is like receiving acupuncture with hands instead of needles. Receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu reminds the body to flow in the correct directions bringing balance and well-being to the body. Sessions for guests are on a sliding scale from $15-$60.

To meet with Maud for any of her specialties, you can contact her through text or phone at 502-418-0035.

What forms of art do you engage with?

Clay has been my longest enduring medium of choice. For 34 years I have been in relationship with clay. When clay wasn't in my life, it was clay that always brought me back to my life. More recently fabric art has snuck into my consciousness through the back door. I began my fabric art journey while teaching art in the public schools and an artist came to work with my students. Now, it too, is here to stay.

I am now just retiring from 17+ years as a public school art teacher in Louisville, KY (ages 11 and up). My teaching style did not always work well with uncooperative or unmotivated students as I tend to allow the media teach the student and then I would model as needed. Given enough time or a class setting more conducive to intimacy I could usually get my students to take initiative and pride in their work. My class was often the reason they came to school.

How do you see your art?

The purpose of my art has been personally therapeutic and a tool for dialogue with my inner self. As I have gotten older and have accumulated more 2D visual art than I can display in my home I have turned to the functional arts, bringing beauty to daily experiences like eating and sleeping. I also see art as a medium for creating deep relationships and community.

Can you share a little bit about your spiritual journey?

I am on a spiritual path. Been on it seriously since I was a child having the presence of Jesus in my bedroom. Yes, I have been flooded with God's light and continue to hone my practices. My practice has come in several ways. My work with young people has given me great opportunity to practice unconditional love. My studies in the martial arts have led me to eastern Taoism and Buddhist teachings which have infiltrated my understandings of this path of life, good and evil, and breathing-movement prayer/unification of mind, body, spirit.  I am also a shamanic practitioner with much experience entering deep conscious space for healing and growth. Added to this non-verbal practice I have just begun a practice of journaling dialogue I learned through classes in the Akashic Records. This has been helpful to be able to put words to the wisdom.

What was the beginning of your passion for art?

One day when I was little, I had a baby sitter who could draw. She drew a picture of me sitting at the table and she drew me the way I was, with a little white undershirt with the small straps. When she showed it to me I told her I wanted to have different clothes, that I didn't like the undershirt. She said, "Go put on something else." So I ran to my room and changed my shirt. She drew the new shirt right on top of the other one and I saw the magic in it. Wow!  I think I was forever hooked from that moment on. I saw how we make our lives, it doesn't just happen to us...