Examples of Artistic Mediums that the Art Space offers include:

Visual Art 

Surrounded by wonderful natural environs, this area is ideal for painters, sketchers, drawers, muralists, and many other forms of visual art. With wide open spaces and access to art supplies, tools, sinks, and scenery, all that is needed is the artist’s imagination to see what can be created.

Woodworking Studio

This studio is led by our skilled carpenter, Fernando, who also helped to facilitate the building of the Art Space.  This space has several useful tools and appliances that, along with Fernando’s skills and direction, can lead to many unique individual and group projects.

Music and Dance 

With the Great Room’s smooth wooden floors, high vaulted ceilings, great acoustics, and bright lighting, this space is ideal for dance rehearsals, music lessons, yoga classes, and other types of body-movement and instrumental gatherings. 

Writing and Poetry

Surrounded by an abundance of trees and natural beauty, this space can be a setting to inspire unique compilations of words. Whether it is through a group gathering of writing Haikus, or needing a space to indulge in your own literary form of expression, the Art Space is a wonderful place that can foster both group and personal literary creations.


Place yourself and fellow scrap-bookers under the bright lights of the spacious Great Room and dedicate yourselves to the creation of your personal scrapbooks. With strong, long tables and several padded chairs, this space is welcoming to scrapbooking enthusiasts.

Pottery and Ceramics

Aside from a bright room with several windows and a wide garage door that allows for good lighting and strong ventilation, our 4 pottery wheels and ceramic kiln offer our guests the quintessential tools needed to produce distinctly unique art pieces through the molding of clay and the use of their hands.

Screen Printing

We invite you to bring your own graphic designs and creativity into our screen printing studio. With various devices, tools, inks, and supplies, you are able to print your images.


Similar to what it can do for dancers, the spaciousness of the Great Room can provide a light and open ambiance in a calm setting surrounded by beautiful views of nature for yoga practitioners and groups. With the wonderful acoustics and vast wooden floors, this large space can help to bring individuals/groups into a deeper inner space.

Fiber Arts 

With various sewing machines, two looms for weaving, and several other tools and supplies, the lower level studio and loft could be suitable spaces to practice knitting, quilting, sewing and other forms of fiber arts. 


Under the direction of one of our supporters of the Art Space, Jane MacDonald, our lower level studio is able to manufacture its own hand-made paper. Through the unique use of agricultural resources combined with the knowledge that Jane has acquired, the Art Space workshop guests can produce unique and original papers.

We hope that the Art Space can support your creative yearnings during your stay at the Stony Point Center!



If you are a retreat planner, we encourage you to consider how our stunning new 4000 sq ft. Art Space could be used to bring the "creative spirit" into your event while you are here on campus.  We have a large spacious room upstairs, a small pottery studio (four wheels), a woodworking shop, and a fiber arts space downstairs (both floors are accessible). If you would like to use this space for art activities, please contact Mary Romano, our reservations manager. Mary can also help you get in touch with our Artist-in-Residence to see how that person could lead an arts workshop for your group using the theme of your retreat. Rates apply.

Learn more about our Artist-in-Residence program. See below to learn more about the Artist-in-Residence who will be here during your stay.

Learn more about our Art Space.

Ask about Art Programming for your group or for yourself.