Winter Institute 2018: Land Justice

From January 14, 2018 4:00 pm until January 18, 2018 2:00 pm
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Join the Community of Living Traditions in a dialogue about the concept of Land Justice.

The Community of Living Traditions has recently begun organizing a training every January to help us dig deeper into a timely social justice issue, hopefully in a way that helps us become more effective organizers and allies in struggles that we engage in. We are calling this a "Winter Institute" and this year the theme we have chosen is "Land Justice," with a particular focus on Native American, African American, and international perspectives on land grabs and reparations. The Institute will take place January 14-18, 2018 with content sessions in the mornings, and plenty of time to relax and connect with each other and the land in the afternoon and evenings.

Your participation is welcome! 

Sunday evening - get to know one another, starts at 7:15, Conference Room A
Monday through Thursday mornings — Conference Room A
      + 9:30 to 10:45 - “Content Sessions” around a particular topic related to land justice
      + 11:00 - 12:30 - “Discussion Sessions” facilitated by Jennifer Henry in which we wrestle with the material presented in the Content Sessions
Monday through Thursday afternoons: free time
Monday through Thursday evenings: optional events
      + Monday: trip to MLK Day Celebration in Spring Valley, NY — 3–7pm
      + Tuesday after dinner: Land Justice Song Circle — Conference Room A
      + Thursday — participate in CIW Action, details TBD

Content Session Schedule
Monday: Historical Roots 1: Indigenous North American Experiences of Land Injustice — led by Jennifer Henry in conjunction with local indigenous leaders
Tuesday: Historical Roots 2: African American & POC Experiences of Land Injustice — led by Dayna-Joy Chin, Soul Fire Farm Speakers Collective
Wednesday: Home-grown Solutions — a panel on what work we are and could be doing from this land, featuring CLT members and allied activists
Thursday: International Parallels & Solidarity — a panel on international solidarity work, featuring CLT members and allied activists

Graphic from "An Image to Unify the Work for Earth-Justice-Peace" by Rafael Jesús González