At Stony Point Center, we believe that art can be a creative channel for one’s faith to flow through, which is why a lot of fundraising, mental planning, and physical labor went into making the Art Space a reality.

The Art Space at the Stony Point Center is a new 4000 sq. ft. facility that consists of two stories along with a loft that overlooks the Great Room. It also has an outside deck that extends along the upper level entrances and overlooks the chicken coop and vegetable gardens. The lower level contains three large studios with several entrances that are handicapped accessible and provide ample space for an assortment of artistic mediums such as ceramics, pottery, woodworking, and screen printing. 

The second floor contains a bright, open space with a wood floor, which is known as The Great Room. This space is excellent for various forms of art that may require a large open space with wonderful acoustics, such as poetry readings, dance performances, musical concerts, and scrapbooking groups. The Great Room holds occupancy of 68 people and, aside from the vast artistic possibilities that it offers, it can also be used to accommodate many other types of group gatherings. Having recently been built by a group of local volunteers, this space is in wonderful condition and contains an assortment of artistic appliances and supplies, along with basic washroom facilities. 

There is also an Artist-in-Residence that helps to manage the Art Space and contributes to the Stony Point Center through facilitating lectures and classes, in addition to the original artistic creations produced during their stay. We invite you to allow this space to inspire your group and/or creative form of expression.


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