The Japanese Garden was conceived and developed by the Bi-National Service community, financed with resources from the "Friends of Margaret Flory Fund" as a gift to all persons who share the life of Stony Point Center. It is a place of beauty for quiet reflection and meditation.

From its earliest history, the Japanese Garden has been a place apart, sacred space within, profane without. A space where art and nature collaborate to create serenity. Our garden, a combination with feature of the "stroll," the "courtyard," and the "hill and pond" styles, hints that the proper role of people in the nature and the garden is that of participant, neither conqueror nor observer. It also contains a Oribe Lantern and a peace pole.


The following is the Prayer of Dedication, September 5, 1983

O creator of the vast universe and of this small garden,

  this altar under the sky - we feel your presence here.japanese vert

From earliest times your people have inspired worship

  in the out-of-doors, often building altars in "high places."

O living and eternal God, we are lost in wonder and praise at

  the awesome beauty of your Creation

  the good earth, its rocks and its boulders,

  flowing water, flowering shrubs, trees, lovely in shape,

  refreshing in their shade, melodious in the wind.

We gather to dedicate this very special space.


May it be a living altar, a garden of quiet meditation,

  of serious reflection and dialogue,

  of joyous celebration,

  of grateful remembrance of hidden Christians,

  a well of water for the thirsty,

  a focused center within a Center.032311 japanese garden 005


May all who walk the paths of the garden know your presence

  and be restored to find peace and harmony.

Help us, O Lord, to see beyond the realities of this time and

  space to the fulfillment of your infinite plan.

We pray this prayer of dedication in your name, Maker,

  Designer, Sustainer of Life.


We are grateful to the following for their help with the Japanese Garden: Margaret Flory for her dream; Dede and Bill Muhler, the designers and landscapers; Kyoko Grant of Japan, our consultant; Syngman Rhee and Syng Kyu Rhee for the purchase of the Oribe lantern in Korea; and William Pardee, who created the pool.