colorfulpeppersOur farm produces beautiful produce such as these gorgeous peppers.

At Stony Point Center, we are committed to supporting sustainable food systems and offering our guests nutritious and delicious food. We employ a farmer who oversees vegetable production on our property. Our 1-acre farm supplies our talented and creative kitchen staff with fresh vegetables and fruits to prepare for guests year-round – especially in the summer and fall. Even though we still depend on many items from global and industrial food systems, we are constantly exploring ways to shift our dependence to local farmers and butchers.

We regularly host a variety of religious and interfaith groups, as reflected in our menu. We serve no pork at Stony Point Center and can plan to serve Halal meat on our buffet upon request. Every meal includes meat, vegetarian, and vegan options along with breads and desserts baked from scratch in our own kitchen. We can accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, and a variety of other dietary requirements.

At Stony Point Center, we put a lot of thought and love into the food we grow and prepare. We hope you will enjoy eating with us. Bon appétit!

farmtotablepicOur kitchen takes the beautiful produce and turns it into beautiful food. Pictured is a pesto pasta (basil from our farm), roasted eggplant (from our farm) and hummus sandwich (hummus and bread made fresh here), and perfectly ripe tomatoes and peppers (from our farm).