p1020752Stony Point Center gardeners, chef, cooks, and the community as a whole are working to educate and connect our guests who dine with us to the justice issues that are part of the conventional and local food systems. First, we grow some of the food we share with you. Second, we prepare healthy meals with less meat and more fruits and vegetables. Third, we compost plant-based food waste from meal preparation. Lastly, we provide education about our moral responsibilities as eaters.

Fair Trade: Stony Point Center purchases fair trade coffee and chocolate to make a positive impact on international food production.

"The opportunity for relaxed, flexible hours for fellowship was great.  {We loved} the wonderful vegan and veggie choices on the menu." Community Church of New York

Campus Education: Stony Point Center welcomes you to the dining table to share in community and good food. Because we want you to know about the food you eat, where it comes from, and what makes eating a moral act, the dining hall has brief educational materials displayed for your consideration.

Here are few examples:

What we eat matters: Food System Components

Fruits & Vegetables