Welcome to the Stony Point Center Farm!

During your stay at the Stony Point Center you will be treated to fresh seasonal vegetables, eggs, and fruits grown right here in our own gardens. All of the food we grow is produced using organic methods and we strive to practice agriculture in a way that is sustainable and just. This means nurturing our soils, utilizing local resources, raising livestock in an ethical way, and much more. 

Our farm staff would love to take you on a tour or lead a food justice activity & conversation for your group during your stay. We offer a brief 10-15 minute farm tour to accommodate groups with full schedules and hour-long tours for groups that have more time. Food justice activities usually last about an hour and are appropriate for teenagers as well as adults.

IMG 8648If there are children that are part of your group, they might enjoy gathering eggs at the chicken coop with our farmers or visiting the compost pile to see our worms at work.

Volunteering on our farm during your stay is also a possibility.

Please contact our farmer, Will Summers to schedule tours and activities or to inquire about volunteering.

We typically do not sell our produce. Visit localharvest.org to see the listings of farmers' markets and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs in our area.

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