p1060527Our Mission

The Stony Point Center Farm is learning laboratory for food justice that
Grows healthy food for our community,
Teaches our community about food production and food systems,
Partners with others to develop sustainable food systems, and
Nurtures the connection between faith and food.

Our Vision

We envision a community where everyone has access to good, healthy food. Our vision is to facilitate opportunities for our community to actively and joyously participate in growing food while learning and sharing sustainable skills that bring us back into relationship with the land, each other, and the Spirit.

Our Core Values

Food Justice. At Stony Point Center, we define food justice as a transformation of the industrial food system in which land, animals, workers, and consumers are respected and honored in the production and distribution of healthy, nutritious food in local and regional contexts. We believe everyone has a right to eat good food every day, and that all people should have access to food that is produced sustainably and keeps them healthy.

061511 luke 6 036Education. We think that our world becomes a better place when we challenge ourselves to think critically and learn practical skills to change it for the better. Our farm is committed to raising people’s awareness about how their food is produced and teaching people how they can participate in sustainable food production and food justice advocacy.

Hospitality. The core mission of Stony Point Center is to offer hospitality to our guests that helps them feel comfortable, respected, and safe while they stay with us. Serving guests fresh, home-grown food that nourishes their bodies and spirits is the farm’s contribution to our hospitality endeavors.

Sustainability. The Stony Point Center farm is committed to practicing agriculture in a way that is ecologically mindful. With an approach that seeks to conserve resources and employ organic growing techniques, our aim is to practice a brand of agriculture that is regenerative, restoring life and fertility to our land and community.

Spirituality. The Stony Point Center community is made of up individuals from a variety of faith traditions. Seeking peace and justice in our world is the common thread that unites our community. Our farming efforts are one way we explore our faith traditions, deepen our connection to peace and justice and the land, and to strive to put our faith into practice.

Strategic Priorities

chard 3Organic Production

  • Annual Crops

  • Perennial Fruits and Vegetables

  • Eggs

  • Value-Added Products


  • Regenerative Soil Management

  • Water Conservation

  • Composting

  • Seed Saving

  • Fundraising

Food Justice & Education

  • Guest Education Activities

  • Do-It-Yourself Workshops

  • Apprenticeships for New Farmers

will and chickenOrganizational Partnerships

  • Developing Relationships with Food Justice and Food Production Organizations

  • Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

  • Growing the Local Food Movement

Integrating Food and Faith

  • Singing and Working Together

  • Interfaith Ceremonies

  • Connecting our Farming to Religious Holidays

  • Multifaith Earth Care Study