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Will Summers was hired as Stony Point Center’s Food Grower & Educator in March 2013. In May 2015, he and his partner, Sarah, moved on campus to join the Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center. Will has experience as a farmer, gardener, and educator in New York’s Hudson River Valley and in his home state of Texas. Email him at to learn more about our Food Justice Retreats and other opportunities volunteer on Stony Point Center’s farm.

matt and chickenMatthew Zeltzer is a graduate from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. He grew up in Rockland County and has had experience working and volunteering at several Organic and Biodynamic farms in the Hudson Valley. He was a participant in the first Summer Institute held here at Stony Point Center in 2010, and joined Stony Point Center as a part of the Community of Living Traditions in May of 2013. He works as a farm assistant to Will Summers.

20140802 112225Amirah AbuLughod first came to Stony Point Center as a Summer Institute student in 2013. She returned in March of 2015 as a farm apprentice and a member of the Community of Living Traditions. Both sides of Amirah’s family have a rich history of farming tradition: a long line of dairy farmers along the Mississippi in Wisconsin and orange growers along the Mediterranean in Palestine. Even with the family background, the real seed of love for working with the earth sprouted when she was a little kid working in the backyard garden with her mom. Amirah graduated with a degree in Environmental Geography and is a Master Gardener volunteer in her home state of Wisconsin.

carrot surpriseAsher Joy "AJ" Lilian Menashe is a member of the Jewish Cohort of Community of Living Traditions. Farm experience is rooted (no pun intended) in apartment farming but was expanded when she came to Stony Point Center and began engaging in a broader aspects of farming. Asher's experience includes: academia, Jewish communal services and growth, and farming under any circumstances by maximizing available resources.

img 8126April Leese is a Multifaith Resident at SPC and loves the time she spends in the garden. April grew up on a small farm in south-central Pennsylvania where she raised sheep and vegetables. Her family loves their garden and freezes and cans food to eat throughout the year. They also love to scavenge and are known to pick fruit from trees in town to make jam. April's also worked with farming in Haiti where she grew amaranth taller than she was and had a pepper plant that was almost that big.

Aude-SapAude is originally from Rwanda and came to Stony Point Center by way of Canada and Baltimore. She has been a Christian member of the Community of Living Traditions since May of 2014. Aude's primary work at SPC usually involves coordinating transportation or working at the front desk, but she joins the farm crew often in the fields. Aude will work on the farm under two conditions: 1) no early mornings and 2) only if the task will get her dirty.