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At Stony Point Center, we believe livestock are critical components to sustainable agricultural systems. We currently keep 20 hens on our property which provide us with delicious eggs and give our farm manure that is useful in nourishing our crops. Check out this video of our chickens!

Our lovely ladies are not all alike. We have a few different breeds of chickens. They look different and some of them lay eggs that are brown and some lay eggs that are a light blue-green. We love watching them. Check out some of the breeds below.

Barred Rock: A cold-hardy breed that is prized for both high egg production and meat based on their large size.

Araucana/Ameraucana/Easter Egger: There is often a lot of confusion about these three breeds. We were told that our hens were Araucanas when we bought them, but they may be one of the other two varieties. Either way, these hens are the one who lay the green/blue eggs.

Buff Orpington: Another dual-purpose breed that is good for both egg and meat production, the Buff Orpington originated in the United Kingdom and is known for being docile and friendly.

Golden Comet: A popular cross breed that is a prolific brown egg-layer.

Rock Reds/Black Sexlinks: Although ours aren’t really red, these hens are also a cross breed that are known for egg production. 

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