The Farmstand at Stony Point Center

 Why are we starting the Farmstand?


Many small-scale organic farms use a model for marketing their produce called “community-supported agriculture”

or CSAThe Farm Stand for short. A CSA is a community of people who agree to support a farm by purchasing a share of its produce for the entire growing season. This concept was invented by an African American agricultural professor and farmer - Booker T. Whatley. We started the farm in 2013 to provide fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables as the centerpiece of meals served to our guests.


When the realities of temporarily closing Stony Point Center due to the COVID-19 pandemic became apparent to us, our farmers had already planned for the growing season and purchased seeds for 2020. We decided that growing food was essential to our mission and so we moved forward with our farm plan, knowing that we might not be able to share the harvest with SPC guests.Our intention in starting the Farmstand is to offer healthy produce, grown without chemical fertilizers or harmful pesticides, to folks in our local community. We believe that deepening our relationships with our neighbors by selling good food at a fair price will benefit all of us.


Indigenous author and teacher, Robin Wall Kimmerer, writes in her book Braiding Sweetgrass that “all flourishing is mutual.” Our farmers have recently been imagining what “community-supported agriculture” might look like for Stony Point Center and our local community. Using this framework as a guide, we started selling our produce to the Hungry Hollow Food Co-op and the Rockland Farm Alliance. We are also donating produce to members of the *Ramapough Lenape Nation and to Proyecto Faro, a grass-roots organization that serves immigrant communities in Rockland County.


We are excited about introducing the Farmstand at Stony Point Center. Download a flyer and then spread the word to folks in your neighborhood. Check each week to see what produce and baked goods will be available on Thursday! The Farmstand will be open every Thursday, starting July 23, from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m., located on the front lawn of Stony Point Center. 


*We are currently donating fresh eggs from our chickens to members of the Ramapough Lenape Nation. We are in deep relationship with the indigenous peoples of this land. We could use your help in supporting the Ramapough Lenape community by bringing and donating your empty egg cartons. The egg cartons to deliver the eggs from our farm to the Ramapough Lenape community members. In late summer or fall, eggs from the farm will be for sale at the Farmstand.


For questions or information about the produce available each week, please reach out to our food growers and educators - Amirah Abulughod at and Will Summers at