Fresh Food Donations to Local Immigrant Families

As we re-open Stony Point Center, we are teaming up with local catering companies to help feed our guests. Sometimes this means we are left with an abundance of fresh food. Fresh food that could go to food insecure local families. Enter Proyecto Faro!

The volunteers in this photo are doing just that. Thanks to Proyecto Faro’s intimate connection with nearby immigrant families, they quickly distribute these fresh meals to folks in immediate need.

Based on the Stony Point Center campus, “Proyecto Faro / Project Lighthouse is an immigrant-led organizing effort allied with immigrant and non-immigrant religious and secular communities and organizations to galvanize support and action among those in Rockland County who feel insecure due to their immigration status. We strive to create solidarity across boundaries of legal status, country of origin, and religious affiliation.”*

We are thankful for our ongoing relationship with this organization. And we are grateful to be able to share when we are blessed with abundance.

*from their website,