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From September 30, 2018 4:00 pm until September 30, 2018 8:00 pm
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Stony Point Center's fifth annual Farm-to-Table Gala will take place on

Sunday, September 30, 2018, 4–8pm

The gathering will support Stony Point Center as a resource for movement building and renewal, strengthen our ties to one another, and honor a local leader with the fifth annual Living Traditions Award.

Our Farm-to-Table Gala is not just a dinner; it's a community feast for justice. Stony Point Center is not just a conference center; it's a space of nurture for cultivating, organizing, and transforming our world. Come join the feast, and lets get strong together!

How to connect:
* Buy your tickets today at stonypointcenter.org/gala-register
* Get your organization or business to support as a sponsor: stonypointcenter.org/gala-sponsor
* Volunteer or join the Host Committee: email gala@stonypointcenter.org for details
* Help us spread the word on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/273599813243674/ 
* Gala attendees are welcome to stay the night at a special rate. Go to stonypointcenter.org/book-a-room and use the code "Gala2018"

Many thanks to this year's Hosts and Sponsors (lists in formation):

Host Committee: Emily Brewer & Eric Eingold, Alice & Lou Coulombe, Susan De George & Kathy Dean, William & Joyce Donohue, Marilyn Elie, Dan & Duna Fullerton, Diane Goodman, Lenny Grob & Susan Gorman, Alan Levin & Virginia Brooke, Leslie Mardenborough, Matt Meyer & Meg Starr, Bonnie & August Ruggiero, James & Judith Wason

Snap Pea Sponsors: Center for Safety & Change, Environmental Construction, Orange and Rockland Utilities

Cucumber Sponsors: Carlo Minuto Carting Co, Fairway Testing, FFC Residential Remodeling, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition, WESPAC Foundation

Ground Cherry Sponsors: Atzl, Nasher & Zigler P.C., DEC Office Solutions, REC Restaurant & Janitorial Supply Co

Check stonypointcenter.org/gala for updates!