SPC-spiration: the Mutuality of Hosting

SPC Advisory Board Chair Alan Levin recently shared this snippet from Marty Lowenthal's e-blog:

"The words 'host' and 'guest' have the same Indo-European root, ghosti, and suggest we as hosts and guests have a mutual and reciprocal relationship of embracing each other.

What is there more kindly than the feeling between host and guest? ~ Aeschylus

As the space of the universe hosts everything within it, may the universe of our heart host all others.

May we experience the mutuality of hosting.

As we welcome others in our homes, may we create a warm, loving, and encouraging environment for them."

Read more about Marty Lowenthal on Alan's website, crossingtheboundary.org.

Donna Costa and Louie Sanchez profiled in Cornell Tech food system research project

donna leanna prasenjit louis

SPC Summer Institute Alumni Leanna Mulvihill is currently a student at Cornell Tech. She and her research partner Prasenjit are building a platform to connect farmers with institutional buyers like hospitals or schools. As part of their research comparing local vs. non-local food on price and food miles, they interviewed SPC Food Services Manager Donna Costa and Louis Sanchez, one of Donna's longtime suppliers of offsite produce.

"Our goal is to show that by buying directly from local farmers, buyers can save on both," explains Leanna. "We’re building an algorithm that matches farmers and buyers using some dummy data. Setting prices is tricky." They learned a lot for their research based on their interview with Donna and Louis.

Read Leanna's report on medium.com

Pictured, L-R: Donna, Leanna, Prasenjit, Louis