Stony Point Center has modified its operations in the wake of Hurricane Sandy to provide significant support for neighbors who lost their homes in the unprecedented storm. Stony Point Center, a conference facility of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and home to the multifaith Community of Living Traditions, is providing food, housing and guidance for an average of 50 adults and 50 children and teenagers per night during the month of November. Stony Point Center has received significant support from churches, businesses, the Lions Club, Rockland County's Community Development Office and Legal Aid, and other community organizations in Rockland County and the surrounding area, and the North Rockland Central School district, as well as the Red Cross, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and many FEMA employees. FEMA has certified Stony Point Center to be reimbursed for the lodging of those families who are individually qualified by FEMA for the Transitional Housing Assistance Program (TSA).

TSA is a special program offered by FEMA to support families who need short-term lodging until they can move back into their homes or arrange to rent a home or apartment in the area. That program was initially offered to qualifying families through November 16th, was extended to November 30th and extended again to December 14th. Approximately sixty percent of the families staying at Stony Point Center have been approved by FEMA for this program.

Stony Point Center has offered shelter to all families with need, regardless of whether they qualify for the TSA program. In order to accommodate our regular guests of the Conference Center, this is the second of three weekends between November 1 and December 14 when we have had to ask our storm guests to vacate their rooms. In each instance, we are working with the families to ensure that everyone has somewhere to stay until they can move back in at Stony Point Center the following Sunday afternoon. Some families have stayed with relatives or friends, while others have stayed on cots in dormitories on our property or in nearby churches.

It has been the greatest honor to support and encourage the courageous men and women and children who are working tirelessly to put their lives back together in the wake of such tremendous loss. We give thanks to God for this opportunity.