A Guaranteed Standing Ovation! No Experience Necessary!

Have you ever wanted to “sit in” with a group of musicians and jam? Or make up your own music spontaneously? Do you have any “horror stories” of being criticized for your attempts at improvised music?

mfpCome to “Adventures in Improvisation,” a workshop at Stony Point Center. Sponsored by the non-profit arts organization Music for People, Adventures in Improvisation is open to all, whether you are a player seeking to develop your skills to jam, or you are new to improvisation. All you have to be is open to interacting in fun activities of imitation and participation. The Adventures in Improvisation staff will make sure you are encouraged, supported, and pushed to the limits you want to achieve. Rhythm instruments and pianos are available, otherwise bring the instrument you play, or always wanted to play. You will learn how to solo and interact with others in many musical styles, and learn skills for expressing yourself and supporting others in their spontaneous music.

"Attending Music for People workshops has improved my skills as a teacher and as a musician," says Ron Kravitz, a Philadelphia area musician and workshop facilitator. "Plus I get to jam with my musician friends and take home a recording of our sessions."

The next Adventure in Improvisation takes place May 3-5, 2013. You can sign up for the whole weekend and have classes from Friday at 6pm through Sunday at 1pm; or you can join us for the day on Saturday from 9am to 10pm. Meals are available at the Stony Point Center. Parking is free. There will be dozens of musical adventurers waiting to join you. For more information and to register, visit the Music for People website, www.musicforpeople.org, or call (860) 491-3763.

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