May 16th at 8 p.m.

Contact: Marie-Elena Ortiz



“Call to Activism”

The “Call to Activism” festival will take place at Stony Point Conference Center on May 16, at 8pm. This festival features staged readings of five ten-minute plays that deal with some aspect of nonviolent social action in response to injustice in a community and/or society. Using their skills and imagination, these playwrights seek to encourage social action to heal the problems in our society through their art.
Come and enjoy a night of theater. Be a part of the solution. Start a revolution. It begins with you.

KNILO SOLEI (From: Long Island): AN HONEST MISTAKE Living in the land of the not so free, home of the sometimes brave.

FRANK FITZGERALD (From Chicago): THE ODDITY A wounded and disaffected veteran of recent U.S. wars returns home and, to his dismay discovers that his eighteen-year-old daughter has enlisted in the Marines.

MARIE-ELENA ORTIZ (From New York): ISM'S In Ten Minutes FOR DUMMIES A concise look at racism, sexism and anything else ism that exist in America.

MARY GIFFIN (From Ohio): SHOULD I GIVE UP? An elderly disabled woman takes action against injustice, seeking the support of others for a life of purpose and participation.

ELANOR HELD (From: Virginia): WRONG RACE WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME? What happens if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time?

MAIA A MATSUSHITA (From New Hampshire): IN MEMORIAM Inspired by the story of Talat Hamdani, worked tirelessly to have her son, a first responder who died on 9/11, honored on the 9/11 Memorial in NYC despite discrimination that he faced based on his faith as a Muslim American.

“Playwright’s Call to Activism” will benefit the Community of Living Traditions, a multifaith residency program that practices hospitality, engages faith and cultivates nonviolence and justice.

There is a $10.00 donation. No one turned away due to lack of funds. Please RSVP here.

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