From the illustrious compendiums of our highly professional and dedicated team of staff and volunteers to our naturally welcoming gardens at the Stony Point Center, we once again moved beyond borders to provide hospitality to a unique blend of international guests drawn from all over the continents across the globe.

From May 18- 27, 2013, all roads led to the Hudson Valley in New York as the World Service Intergroup (WSI) made Stony Point Center their destination. The participants were drawn from different countries including Brazil, Italy, Nigeria, Russia, Sweden, Australia, The Netherlands, Argentina, The United States, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, etc. In as much as WSI enjoyed being at Stony Point, we were blessed to have them grace our presence with their good work.

Being a destination to international groups is not a new horizon in the existence of Stony Point. However, every time we host any international group, we always get inspired by how our work of hospitality becomes the only thread that weaves unity around diversity.

Spencer Chiimbwe, Host and Multifaith Resident