June 30, 2:15 pm

Dear Friend of the Environment,

Let’s talk, listen to some inspiring music, and share a meal together. Does that sound too radical?

After all there is so much to be done. We work so hard that it is easy to forget what our different interests have in common – corporate greed for example.

No doubt about it, June is going to be a busy month with more than the usual number of outreach events and meetings. The month will fly by. That is why we are asking you to mark your calendar now for Sunday, June 30th for a special event at Stony Point Conference Center.

It is an opportunity to Celebrate Democracy because underneath it all, that is what we are all doing – working together for the common good, a healthier environment and a legacy our children can be proud of. To do that successfully, sometimes you just need to get to know the other person a bit better, put a face to the email address, and listen to what is important to them.

The weekend before Independence Day is an especially good time to begin to think about how together we can use the democratic process to support our mutual goals and priorities. We are lucky to be able to do what we do. People get arrested all over the world for less. Some of us have even gotten arrested in this country in support of our strongly held beliefs and may do so again if the situation warrants. But for now, let’s focus on building relationships and a strong sense of community. That’s where it all starts.

The environmental community could well be facing serious challenges in the months ahead as the Energy Highway program put forth by Governor Cuomo goes into operation, especially if there are proposals for gas plants go in along the Hudson River. Let’s start thinking now about ways to prevent the divisions that have happened in other parts of the country. Getting to know each other better is a good place to start.

Plan on arriving at 2:15 pm or earlier so that you have time to put out your material and settle in. Music by David Bernz and Friends will celebrate what we do and what inspires us to continue on. There will be an opportunity for introductions so that we can better talk to each other, the world premiere of a short film, Fukushima Fallout, about Jaime Plym and Maurice Enis, the Navy navigators who were exposed to radiation from Fukushima. All of this will be followed by a potluck dinner with networking and conversation.

After dinner? More music, a ball game perhaps, walking the Stony Point labyrinth, more talk with people who understand the issues. Take your pick. Bring your instrument if you have one and anything else that might be fun. Stony Point Director Rick Ufford Chase is inviting the folks that stayed at the Center after they lost everything in Hurricane Sandy so we will be a diverse crowd. Always a good thing.

We hope to see you at Stony Point Center, 17 Cricketown Road, Stony Point, New York, on Sunday, June 30th at 2:15! Register here, so that we will know how many to expect. Registration is free. Please do bring a dish to share for potluck.

In Solidarity,

Marilyn Elie, for the Indian Point Convergence

Rick Ufford Chase for Stony Point Conference Center

Gary Shaw for the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition

Manna Jo Greene for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

Paul Gallay for Riverkeeper


A flyer will about the event will be out shortly. In the meantime could you please add this event to your Facebook page and share it with other concerned environmentalist?

The flyer is here.