Many people, Presbyterians as well as colleagues and friends from other religious traditions, have been watching with great interest as proposals for Stony Point Center's future have been developed by two different task forces of the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board over the last two years. At the meeting of that Board September 25th to 27th, a recommendation was made to make SPC an independently managed, constituent corporation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), to be named "Stony Point Center for Multifaith Justice, Peace and Nonviolence."

The new corporation would remain closely tied to the Presbyterian Church (USA). In effect, the church would be blessing the use of Stony Point Center as a home for a multifaith community and for the purpose of fostering a multifaith movement for peace and justice. Members of each of the Abrahamic Traditions would continue to live, work and learn together with the goal of providing hospitality to conference center guests and creating a shared witness for peace that stands against the ways each traditions’ sacred texts have been misinterpreted to promote violence.

Procedurally, the recommendations cleared yet another hurdle in a complicated process. There will now be a three person committee that will be tasked with reviewing the proposal to assure that it is financially sound and conforms to PC(USA) principles. That evaluation committee will report back to the Mission Agency Board in February. If the Board approves, a recommendation to form the new corporation will be sent to the General Assembly for ratification in June of 2014.

Presbyterian process grinds exceedingly slowly, but we've seen time and again that God's spirit seems to move in spite of, and sometimes even because of, the deliberative nature of our work. We covet your prayers as we continue to put the building blocks in place for this wonderful experiment to carry on for many years into the future.