One of the most wonderful parts of a large, peaceful protest march is the creativity of the signs that participants make, and the People’s Climate March this past Sunday (to sound the alarm to the world leaders gathering for this week’s UN Climate Summit) was a prime example: “This is un-polarbear-able.” “Windmills not weapons.” “Esperanza para la tierra.” “Stop Global Warming. None Like it Hot.” “Our Deen (faith) is Green.” “Because there is no Planet B.”

For this historic occasion, Community of Living Traditions members made T-shirts, signs, and a gorgeous banner with the message of “Love the Earth, Grow Sustainable Community” and marched with over 300,00o of our closest friends, including many groups that visit us here. We mobilized with thousands of other people of faith and waited over 3 hours to join in the march because there were so many people ahead of us. However, the waiting time went quickly as we participated in songs, prayers, and meditations from many traditions, and enjoyed seeing the inflatable mosque and the 20 ft. wooden ark with the “We are all Noah now!” banner on it. We ended the day exhausted but energized by our new friends for action on climate change and ready to keep up the momentum on this critical global issue. Moving forward, we will be participating in the network of faith groups that is forming as a result of the march, and invite you to join us! Check it out!