Late in 2015, Rick was approached by colleagues in the Presbyterian Mission Agency who asked him to accept a half-time position as “Associate for Interfaith Formation.” As our work at Stony Point Center has developed, we have become clear that the “movement side” of our work must be focused on both building a strong and vibrant multifaith movement for justice and peace, and strengthening Presbyterians to be the best possible partners in that effort. This new position, designed to equip, organize and motivate local congregations to build strong relationships with interfaith partners in their own communities, fits perfectly with those dual commitments.

We are keenly aware of the need to stay focused on our marketing and operational goals and the formation of our multifaith community, all three of which are fundamental building blocks for Stony Point’s future. There are some shifts that we are making to assure that we maintain that focus.

Paula Sandusky will continue to be in charge of the day-to-day operations, which includes responsibility for staff and resourcing volunteers under Kitty's direction. We are changing her title to General Manager to more closely identify with similar positions in the hospitality industry.

In recognition of our limited financial resources, Susan Smith has stepped back from her full-time position in Sales. She will continue her excellent networking and outreach work as a multifaith residential volunteer in the Community of Living Traditions. We are extremely grateful for her service over the last year, and deeply pleased that she is an integral part of the Community.

Advisory Board member Ray Bagnuolo has agreed to step in as an active volunteer as “Chair of Sales and Marketing Committee.” He will help us develop and implement sales strategies to increase our campus revenue. He is well suited to make such an offer, with a long background in business, sales, education and ministry. Ray has generously agreed to give two to three days per week, commuting from his home in White Plains. His hours and even his days will flex week-by-week to accommodate his “real” job as the Director of “That All May Freely Serve” – an organization that supports the LGBTQ community in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Ray’s offer highlights our good fortune to have committed Board members and “faraway volunteers” who come often and take on significant tasks, people like Jane MacDonald, Bonnie Ruggiero, Dick Hasbany, Sherly Fadre, Bill and Joyce Donahue, and Gary and Joyce Pratt who have given so much of themselves to make our work successful, and new volunteers like Art and Mary Hunt (helping with marketing and website development) and Paula Kem (offering assistance with funds development) who have recently become more involved in our work. We couldn’t do this work, nor contemplate the additional responsibilities Rick has agreed to take on, without them.