SummerSongs is a creative retreat for songwriters and music-makers.

SummerSongs believes that the art of songwriting is an important mirror of our culture and that many divergent points of view and experiences – which may not find expression in any other way – can be expressed in a song. Songwriters give us valuable insights into the evolution of our values and our direction as a culture. Left only to the vagaries of the marketplace, there is no guarantee that we will hear the best of what our way of life has to offer in the world of songs and songwriting.

Their teachers are hand-picked for each camp, and they are among the very finest of songwriters and instructors. In all of their songwriting camp retreats, workshops take place during the day, leaving plenty of time to relax and play music, compose, or just listen to your new friends playing songs for each other. In the evenings they have concerts and song circles, coffeehouses and jams that go late into the night. This is an exciting and inspiring opportunity to connect with your own creativity, and with other folks like you from all corners of the globe to study with some of the best songwriters in the world.

Stony Point Center couldn’t be happier to welcome SummerSongs back for their second retreat. It is always a joy to have them fill the air with music and bring their infectious positive energy to our campus.

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