The prayer rug, or sajjada, is one of the most easily recognized signs of Islamic prayer — and yet to use one is a convenience, not a IMG 20170605 132131985 smrequirement. Since these little mats ensure cleanliness and help to focus attention on the specialness of the moment, they have become immensely popular throughout the world.

Prayer rugs are a widespread form of Islamic folk art. Popular themes are geometric patterns, mosques, and florals. Rugs are, in essence, micro mosques and do not depict animals or humans as the focus of prayer is God.

Starting with the month of Ramadan, Stony Point Center is displaying a collection of prayer rugs in the main hallway of Evergreen. Guests can step around the corner for an additional series of posters on the five gestures which make up salah - Islamic ritual prayer.

Read more in the exhibit brochure.

To all of our Muslim friends around the world, we wish Ramadan Mubarak - Blessed Ramadan.