The SPC campus is still buzzing from the energy generated by our 4th Annual Farm-to-Table Gala, which drew over 150 folks together to affirm the work of Stony Point Center and our partners in cultivating economic justice. At the heart of this living tradition is our farm-to-table meal.

In this month's special edition of The Soil Report, Farmer Will gives a behind-the-scenes glance at what the farm-to-table harvest looked like, both "in the ground" and "on the ground." From kale to onions to apples, the hard work of the farm team in creative collaboration with Donna Costa and the SPC kitchen staff came together to make a truly Gala-licious meal!

In this Soil Report, you can also review other Gala highlights, virtually experience some of the fabulous flavors and memorable moments, and learn about this year's Living Tradition Award Honoree Jews For Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ).

Watch the Soil Report HERE

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the 2017 Living Tradition Award to Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, known affectionately as "JFREJ." Attendees had to put down their forks for the powerful testimonies of Julia Carmel Salazar and Zahara Zahav, who spoke about the transformative work of JFREJ's Jews of Color Caucus, and the importance of being able to curse the systems we know to be at odds with life, as well as to bless those which sustain it.

Another memorable aspect of this year's Gala was the reality that it coincided with Hurricane Irma's approach to the Florida mainland. Both of our keynote speakers hailed from Florida, adding to this heavy awareness. From many traditions, we joined together to lift our hands and hearts in hope for the well-being of all those affected. We also took up a special collection to support the hurricane relief efforts of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, which raised nearly $2000. You can donate to CIW's fund directly HERE.

This year's Gala also included gleanings from the living artistic traditions being cultivated on the SPC campus. The "Slice of Life" Auction assembled a quirky collection of the beauty and industriousness that proceeds from the campus community, including original artwork by past and current Artists-in-Residence Asako Yamada, Val Koutmina and Martha "Maud" Bartlett. The SPC Choral Project, led by Warren Cooper, provided participatory music during the program, and CLT members coordinated a jam session during the Campus Fair.

One of the best parts about the Gala is the Host Committee. Hosts make an especially generous donation early on in our planning process, which underwrites the cost of the event and allows us to relax and focus on making the event a fun evening. All the income from ticket sales, sponsorships, auction purchases, and other gifts go straight to support SPC's general operating budget. Hosts also provide integral help with publicity and turnout, and sometimes help shape the Gala in others ways too! Please consider being a part of this special group next year! Though we haven't yet set the date, you can email your interest or questions to

Additionally, we couldn't pull off the Gala without...
+ our Volunteers, especially the RCC international student server brigade!
+ our Sponsors, both businesses and nonprofits, who care about building institutions that change society for the better -- see full list below!
+ our farm and kitchen staff, who make the magic happen
and, most of all...
+ you! hope to see you next year!

Host Committee
Alan Levin & Virginia Brooke, Alice & Lou Coulombe, Bebb Wheeler Stone, Bill & Joyce Donohue, Bob Brashear, Bonnie Ruggiero, Cass Shaw, Dan Fullerton & Duna Williamson, Diane Goodman, Emily Brewer and Eric Eingold, Gail Golden, James & Judith Wason, Jane MacDonald, JoAnn Burrell, Joseph & Wendy Mar noni, Kathy Orchen, Lori Knight-Whitehouse, Maria MacArthur & Michael Heller, Marilyn Elie, Martha Robles, Mona Syed, Rita Rochford, Soo a Rahman, Susan DeGeorge & Kathy Dean, Tarik Greene, Toney Earl Jr.

Snap Pea Sponsors:
   Music Media Ministry
   Orange & Rockland Utilities
   Presbyterian Foundation

Cucumber Sponsors:
   Carlo Minuto Carting
   FFC Residential Remodeling Inc.
   Germonds Presbyterian Church
   Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC)
   Peace Through Play
   Penguin Rep Theatre
   Rockland Car Service
   Susan Stava Photography
   Vandersall Collective
   White Plains Linen

Ground Cherry Sponsors:
   Ayu Yoga Studio
   DEC Office Solutions
   E. A. Morse & Co, Inc
   Fairway Testing Co.
   Hemlock Hill Farm & Market
   Garner Arts Center
   G.I. Rights Hotline
   Pak Khan Halal
   Presbyterian Peace Fellowship
   Proyecto Faro
   Rockland Farm Alliance
   Center for Algonquin Culture
   Center & Library of the Bible & Social Justice

Akane Yasutomi, Daiki Yoshioka, Danielle Sandusky, Ethel & Lerry Chase, Francesca Lede, Haingo Laura Ramamonjiarisoa, Heather Moore, Honey Friedman, Isobe Takahito, Jenna Amorusi, John Sandusky, Jonathan Torres-Rossi, Joyce &, Bill Donohue, Kazushi Fukumoto, Luke Torres-Rossi, Nanami Harada, Naoki Tsuzumitani, Neil Zeltzer, Pat Puleo, Rachel Alturescu, Sanae Takamatsu, Seungju Choi, Umoto Fujishima, Wen Xuan Wang... and all the Stony Point Center Staf and the Multifaith Residents of the Community of Living Traditions!

Event Planning Committee
Amy Dalton, Bonnie Ruggiero, Cathy Burrafato, Dede Adika, Donna Costa, Eddy Ehrlich, Emily Goddard, Jane MacDonald, Jennifer Perez, Karen Kaufman, Martha Bartlet, Paula Sandusky, Rick Uford-Chase, Sarah Henkel, Warren Cooper, Will Summers

Missed the gala? Donate to support SPC's work HERE.

Interested in helping make the 2018 Gala happen? Email today!