Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit Multifaith Summer Institute -
A New Format for a New Year!
Monday, June 25 - Friday, August 10, 2018
at Stony Point Center

Would you like to be in a learning environment where your experiences, interests, and inquiry serve as resources, where you study the curriculum that you help create, and where you get to be both teacher and learner at the same time? The Stony Point Center’s Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit Multifaith Summer Institute is an alternative educational program that is intended to do just that. We are seeking Jewish, Christian and Muslim young adult participants, ages 19-29, who are grounded in their religious tradition, serious about spirituality and the state of the planet, and excited by social activism in a multireligious context.

During the Summer Institute, from June 25 - August 10, 2018, participants will become an intentional learning community that learns together from farming the land, reflecting on daily experiences of farming and community living, and studying together on the issues that matter to each one personally and communally. As a community that takes spirituality seriously, we will drink deep from the wells of our faith traditions as well as the wells of cultural knowledge that we have inherited from our ancestors. Furthermore, all that you bring—who you are, your experiences, your knowledge and skills, and passions—will all serve as primary sources of learning. All this will be done with the help of the Summer Institute Leadership Team and members of the Community of Living Traditions, who will serve as resource persons.

The first two weeks of the Summer Institute will be devoted to orientation, community building, sharing the interests of inquiry, and developing a curriculum based on all that has been shared.  Once the curriculum is developed, each participant will be asked to select the sessions that he/she/they is interested in preparing for and facilitating.  The participants will prepare for their session(s) during the third week, and the learning/teaching sessions will begin the fourth week and continue through the end of the Institute.  Field trips to houses of worship and other places/organizations of interest, time by the campfire, cooking favorite dishes, making music, boating, hiking and swimming nearby, and one-on-one conversations with faith elders, are also possibilities.

The Summer Institute is free for those who are accepted.  Some travel scholarship help available. Application deadline is February 28 and space is limited! For more information, please go to:

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The Summer Institute Leadership Team:
Rabia Harris
Joyce Bressler
Unzu Lee
Will Summers
Kitty Ufford-Chase