Following in the footsteps of Rabia Terri-Harris, Muslim Cohort Member Sherly Fabre attended the second annual Muslim Women's Leaders Program (MWLP), hosted by the Islam, Social Justice, and Interreligious Engagement Program (ISJIE) at Union Theological Seminary.

Sherly writes:

It was such a great experience to meet and network with such an amazing and diverse group of Muslim women Leaders. We learned a lot about social justice and women's rights in Islam as well as how to navigate the waters of patriarchy within our society. It is a great source of strength to be able to experience a safe place to discuss this and other topics facing Muslim women today, and to be able to learn and draw from our scriptures to find the means to combat them.

Thank you to these loving Muslim Women Leaders, in all our diversity and intersections, I am so grateful to be of your legacy. Many thanks also to Dr. Jerusha Lamptey and the Islam, Social Justice and Interreligious Engagement Program for bringing us together to build, learn, heal and be inspired.