The SPC campus was abuzz this month with news of a rising star in our midst, as our very own Nanami GodspellNanami Harada made her US theatrical debut in the Rockland Community College (RCC) production of Godspell. Stony Point Center provides room & board for Nanami while she attends RCC. We provide housing for up to a dozen RCC students each semester.

Nanami sang the feature song, "Day by Day," and did it so well as to earn a mention in the Producer's comments in the program bulletin. Patty Maloney writes: "Godspell has always represented to me, inclusiveness, brotherhood and unconditional love...This spring, as the lights fade, and one of our extraordinary International students, Nanami Harada, ascends her platform to sing Day by Day, I am struck by what I have always known.... Today more than ever, we need to talk about love and share our individual lights with the world. Together, and only together, can we illuminate the darkness with the understanding that we can still change the world."

Read Patty's full comments below.

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Watch the production here: