The food justice farmer will be honored at Stony Point Center’s Farm-to-Table Gala on September 30th for his visionary stewardship of the Good Tree Farm of New Egypt as a grassroots alternative to the industrial food system.

The Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center is pleased to announce that our fifth annual Living Traditions Award will be presented to Dr. Hisham Hisham TractorMoharram, founder and manager of The Good Tree Farm of New Egypt in Ocean County, NJ. Driven by his Muslim faith and informed by his training as a scientist, he founded The Good Tree as a community-owned, science-based, certified organic agribusiness to address issues of environmental and social justice, as they are impacted by current conventions of food production.

The Living Traditions Award was established in 2014 to honor the work of an individual or group that exemplifies the values of the Community of Living Traditions: justice, peacemaking, earth-consciousness and radical hospitality.

The Good Tree engages faith communities and faith-based schools in under-served neighborhoods in building the food justice movement through a cooperative ownership structure. Member organizations such as the Cherry Hill Free Clinic and the Willingboro Muslim Educational Circle are co-owners of the 55-acre farm, which enables them to use its grounds and greenhouses to grow food for their communities and to further their own non-profit goals and mission. Members can also use the farm as a space for community gathering and Dr. Moharram works with communities to create hands-on learning opportunities though workshops, film screenings, internships and apprenticeships.

All the food that is produced at The Good Tree Farm is organic, Halal and Tayyeb. In addition to produce, The Good Tree also raises livestock and keeps bees. Dr. Moharram has plans to add Natural Building activities to the mix of resources that are gathered under The Good Tree’s branches.

Hisham SheepThe Good Tree grew out of Dr. Moharram’s desire to apply his formal scientific training, scientific research career, and experience in international agricultural development in a way that benefits people and the planet in the most direct way possible. “I am a husband, a father of 3 girls, and a Muslim, and I strive to make my life sum up to benefit others,” he explained.

“It is such a breath of fresh air to be in conversation with another Muslim farmer who engages with their work with the land through an intentional Islamic lens as well as a deep commitment to building multifaith relationships,” said SPC Farmer Amirah AbuLughod.

The Community of Living Traditions will present the fifth annual Living Traditions Award on September 30, 2018 at the Farm-to-Table Gala, a harvest festival and fundraiser to support the continued development of Stony Point Center as fertile ground for organizing in the areas of social and economic justice, peacemaking, earth-care, and radical hospitality. As recipient of this award, Dr. Moharram will receive $1000 to support his continued work towards a more just and sustainable economy, as well as a voucher for complimentary day use of Stony Point Center’s conference facilities.

Stony Point Center is a national conference center of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in the Lower Hudson River Valley of New York, that offers affordable accommodations and a welcoming environment for activists and visionaries of all stripes to convene, discern, learn and plan. The campus is also home to an intentional multifaith community called the Community of Living Traditions, which strives to put in practice the legacy of hospitality and strategic nonviolence embedded within our religious traditions.

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Photos courtesy of The Good Tree, used with permission.