One of our goals for 2018 has been to increase our capacity to support scientific and corporate events. In September we hosted two such groups at SPC: Bright Power and the 25th West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Workshop. Both groups took us to full capacity and pushed us to innovate new ways to use our meeting spaces. We are excited about our now proven ability to support these complex events!

WAISdisplays2Bright Power held their company-wide gathering at SPC. We knew from their mission that they were a good fit — engineers, analysts, developers, account managers, solar installers, and activists committed to energy conservation — but we didn’t know how much fun we would have hosting them! During free time, they took full advantage of our outdoor facilities with soccer, football and badminton matches, s’mores around the campfire, and tours of our farm and grounds.

The WAIS Workshop (hosted by Indrani Das of Lamont, and Betsy Sheffield and Ted Scambos of the University of Colorado) included a special add-on meeting of the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration, a unique and ambitious meeting where glaciologists from the UK (sponsored by the British Antarctic Survey and NERC), and their US counterparts (sponsored by the University of Colorado and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory atColumbia University) shared knowledge and planned for a future major collaboration in the Antarctic.

Both Bright Power and the glaciologists took full advantage or our various indoor and outdoor spaces to hold sessions. The full groups gathered in our Auditorium for ‘State of the Company’ and scientific lectures, and smaller teams and “breakout groups” convened in seminar rooms, lodge lounges and picnic tables. Bright Power used Conference Room A to hold “Installer Olympics” where 4 teams raced to construct solar arrays. For the glaciologists, 24 display boards made in our on-site wood shop turned Conference Room A into a vibrant learning space as the scientists shared their research. The WAIS conference also pushed us to perfect the AV for an overflow conference area where moms with small children or those wishing to have conversations could see and hear the presentations in a remote location from the main meeting space.

‘Each room had exactly what we needed.” said Bright Power Operations Manager Kate Koltys. “The staff were amazing in setting everything up precisely to our needs. There were enough chairs, tables, electronics for the meeting spaces, and the lodges were clean and very comfortable.”

Ted left us with this review: “The staff at Stony Point Center were amazing, everything went very smoothly. What we really appreciated was the comfortable spacious meeting spaces, their ability to mange professional presentations well, and the great food. We had several vegan – vegetarian attendees, and everyone enjoyed great farm-to-table selections every meal. If you have a group that would benefit from a rustic quiet retreat away from the city, Stony Point Center is a great choice!”

Many thanks to Kate, Indrani, Betsy, Ted and Elaina Ford of the British Antarctic Survey for their integral contributions in making these events a success!