For more than forty years, the Cricketown School has provided nursery school care, kindergarten enrichment and summer camp for countless families in North Rockland. The owner, Audrie Reicherter was more than a teacher. Audrie operated the school and camp, and became a surrogate mother and grandmother and caring neighbor to generations.audrie with kids CROP

We are so sorry to share that Audrie passed suddenly on August 30th. Her family and staff have since made the difficult decision to close the doors of Cricketow School.

Audrie cared for the children of missionaries and resident volunteers, and her connection to and impact at Stony Point Center is deep and lasting. Our sincerest condolences go out to her family and all those who are mourning her passing. 

Bill Collins, a current resident volunteer who knew Audrie for decades, offers the following tribute:

Remembering Audrie
by Bill Collins

The last thing she did was a random act of kindness. She was feeding a group of feral cats who lived near her house, thus probably saving the lives of several local squirrels who would have otherwise been their dinner.

Nine years ago, Audrie saved me from homelessness.

Musicians can be pretty stupid. I’m stupider than most. When I ran out of money for the umpteenth time, I was picking up soda cans from the side of the road to buy some tuna and mayo, and sleeping outdoors under various bushes.

Audrie offered to pay for a room for me at Stony Point Center and give me a job. SPC Co-Director Rick Ufford-Chase told her she wouldn’t have to pay. He’d give me room and board in exchange for 20 hours of work each week.

I don’t think I was especially worthy of Audrie’s help. I think that’s the way she treated everybody. She saw somebody in trouble, and she helped.

Many mornings, about 6:20, I’d be looking out my window having my first cup of coffee. I’d see Audrie drive across the ballfield and stop her minivan near the volleyball net, where the local deer congregate every morning and evening. She’d roll down her window and toss out 6 or 8 apples.

I don’t know whether or not Audrie believed in Heaven.  We never talked about it.  But I’ll bet that if they have any deer in Heaven, the deer will sure be happy to see Audrie.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the Hi-Tor Animal Shelter can be made in Audrie's honor.

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