The Maple Lodge is the most recent SPC building to get a sleek new look.


For the past few years, we have been slowly upgrading our aging shingle roofs to new sheet metal roofs. Made onsite using a Metal Panel Roofing machine, these attractive green roofs are designed to be useable with solar energy units and rainwater catchment systems.

The first roof we made was for the Art Space in 2016. Since then we have completed six roofs, starting with those in the most dire need. The Maple Lodge is the last lodge to get a new roof, and it will take the longest because it is three times as big as the other lodges and has a much more complicated roofing structure. Thanks to the keen engineering of our General Contractor with the support of our property team, Maple will remain in use during the entire roof replacement.

IMG 0558After Maple, our roofing A-Team will turn to the most exciting replacement of all: Evergreen!

“I am so excited about these roof replacements,” said Chief Engineer Tyler Drost. “In tackling them, we are putting decades of deferred maintenance behind us. The improvement to guest experience cannot be overstated! Newer facilities mean we can turn our attention away from constant repairs and towards improvements to guest comfort like room renovations.”

The funding for these critical projects comes from a loan approved by the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board in April, 2018.

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