The Community of Living Traditions is pleased to co-sponsor a Symposium on “Migration and Border Solidarity” at the Westchester Ethical Culture Society on November 12. The evening will focus on the new normal of displacement, changing patterns of civil resistance, and the criminalization of humanitarian relief. Speakers include CLT members Ismail and Amy will share, and Rick and Susan will moderate. The event will close with an examination of the International Sanctuary Declaration as a tool for resistance and solidarity.

GuatemalanGirlAtBorderWHEN: Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 5-9:30 PM. A Middle Eastern dinner will be served at 5:00pm.

WHERE: Westchester Ethical Culture Society
7 Saxon Wood Rd, White Plains, NY 10605

HOW: Admission is $10 per person in advance.
Visit to reserve your spot.

WHO: Organized by the the International Sanctuary Declaration Campaign, in coalition with
 ~ Canadian Sanctuary Network
 ~ Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center
 ~ Fellowship of Reconciliation–Germany
 ~ Fellowship of Reconciliation–USA
 ~ Jewish Voice for Peace–Hudson Valley & Westchester Chapters

WHAT:  Anti-migrant sentiment and human rights violations have been on the rise for decades. Millions of refugees have fled and continue to flee the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, and Asia due to Western-led wars and economic exploitation. In countries receiving migrants, especially in Europe, Canada and the United States, we are witnessing a sharp escalation of xenophobia and fortress-like mentalities coupled with disturbing escalations in human rights violations — most notably in the southwestern United Sates, where thousands of children have been placed in concentration camp–like conditions, separated from their parents. Simultaneously, entire communities of displaced people have had to adjust to “a new normal” of displacement — most notably, continuing occupation in Palestine/Israel has prevented people from returning to their homes since 1948. In all of these situations, people are living in inhumane conditions and are being deprived of human rights and dignity.

To address these urgent realties, the International Sanctuary Declaration Campaign has called together outstanding migrant rights activists from around the world to speak to the conditions they are facing, how they are responding, and what it will take to turn fortresses into sanctuaries. The event will includes three sections:
    1. Resisting “Fortress Europe”
    2. U.S. and Canada: Contested Terrain
    3. Palestine: The Forgotten Refugees

WHY: The mission of the conference is to build voice and capacity for individuals and organizations working to secure fundamental human rights for migrants and those displaced in their native countries. The event will close with an examination of the International Sanctuary Declaration as a tool for resistance and solidarity. It is hoped that by joining together we can challenge and dismantle the fortresses and anti-immigrant policies created in Europe and North America to stop the flow of forced migration and address its root causes.
The International Sanctuary Declaration Campaign arose in 2016 as migrant justice activist organizations in the US and Germany sought to articulate their common struggles to save lives on and within their borders. To see the 5 principles of sanctuary and to view and endorse the declaration, visit: