Faro Graphic Color 150x177The pandemic is impacting us all, and immigrants are among the hardest hit. Proyecto Faro (meaning "Project Lighthouse"), founded by former SPC Sandy Shelter resident Charo Ureña with assistance from CLT, is working hard to respond to the needs of food-insecure immigrants in Rockland. Donations are urgently needed to help this grocery card distribution effort - read more and donate at proyectofarorockland.org.

"The situations they face are overwhelming and the majority will not receive the check that the government is going to distribute, leaving the undocumented community in a complete abandonment," explains Charo. "We are so grateful for the community members who are stepping up to correct this injustice."

CLT members Matt, Asher and Joyce have recently helped to launch Rockland Jews for Immigrant Justice (RJIJ) with the explicit goal of supporting Proyecto Faro‘s work, and RJIJ is providing critical partnership on this grocery project.
Car Protest1

Two members of Proyecto Faro's Leadership Team are struggling with the virus, and we ask for your prayers for them and for all the impacted.

CLT also recently joined with allies across the region to sign a letter demanding that Governor Cuomo release qualified ICE detainees and incarcerated people as a part of the state's efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. Click here to read the letter. As part of this campaign, CLT members Matt, Joyce, Amirah, Farah, Sarah, Will, Kitty and Rick participated in a COVID-Safe Car Rally at the Orange County Detention Center to demonstrate support for and solidarity with those incarcerated there.