The start of this spring on Stony Point Center’s farm has been unlike any other to say the least. Planting seeds in springtime is always an act of faith, and as we seed this year, we are faithful that we will be able to share the harvest when guests return to Stony Point Center.20200407 075817

After a mild winter and some warm days at the end of March, we’ve really hit the ground running this year in the fields. I can remember years when the ground was still frozen solid in the first week of April, but certainly not this year. Our farm team has been tilling soil here on campus and at the Keesler farm location for the past few weeks, preparing the soil for all of the seedlings waiting to be transplanted in the greenhouse. We’ll be planting kale, lettuce, onions, scallions, beets, carrots, and even cucumbers by the end of this month. The hoop houses are practically overflowing with greens to harvest: spring spinach, salad mix, and the kale we nurtured through the winter. Needless to say, the residents of Stony Point Center are eating their greens (probably at every meal).

We’re looking forward to working with other organizations in our area to make sure that the food we’re growing (especially the season’s early harvests) makes its way to the folks who need it. Hopefully we’ll have some good stories to share soon. In the meantime, our farmers remain grateful that our days are still grounded by working with the land and mindful that growing food for local communities is an important responsibility.

Faith in Farming Podcast: Amirah and Will kicked off the 2020 farming season with a conversation about birds. After several recent bird encounters, and, in honor of Will's second child who was named after a bird, they reflect on sharing space with our feathered friends. Listen anytime at