AskChefDonnaAs the head chef of Stony Point Center, I try to source the best quality ingredients for our guests, while taking into consideration the need to keep our food cost down. We have developed many ways to create delicious and healthy meals from scratch, which align with our values. We cook with determination to enhance the natural flavors of our fresh ingredients. Our farm provides a large percentage of our vegetables during the spring, summer and fall months. During the winter, we enjoy the frozen vegetables which the farm preserves for us.

During this time of change and uncertainty, I miss the hustle of the Stony Point Center kitchen, dining room and serving our diverse guests. While we await Rockland county and the state of New York to clear the way to open, I am testing out new recipes and perfecting others in my kitchen at home. I am introducing this new series — Donna crop“Ask Chef Donna” — to share some of my recipes, as well as what I have learned about the importance of sustainability and responsibly using food resources. I realize, especially now, many of us have an abundance of certain produce in our refrigerators, which need to be used before they expire. While at the same time, many of us are trying to avoid too many trips to the grocery store. So, in addition to recipes, I will provide tips and ideas about how to prepare fresh produce for future use.

Recipes will be posted on each week, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you have specific questions regarding the recipes and tips I share, or other questions about meals and ingredients, I invite you to reach out to me at Let's start cooking!