July 17, 2020


Dear Friends of Stony Point Center,


Many of you are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a tremendous upheaval for Stony Point Center (SPC). In late June, we laid off 40 of our 49 full and part-time employees, which was as hard as anything we have ever had to do in our professional careers. The future is somewhat unclear, but here is what we can say with some confidence:


  1. Stony Point Center remains more committed than ever to our mission of being a multifaith catalyst to the broader movement for Justice, Equity, Peace and Earthcare. Both the  Black Lives Matter uprisings and the pandemic make it clear that our work is more necessary than ever.
  2. We are open for business and working with groups to assure that their participants will feel safe as they return for conferences and retreats. Right now, we can take groups with up to 25 participants. This will go up or down as we assess the impact of the pandemic going forward.
  3. We continue to be an open space for movement builders to engage in self-care, reset and reenergize so they can carry on doing the vital work of repairing the world.
  4. We are treating this moment as an opportunity to re-imagine how we can this property most effectively. We will share more as that vision emerges over the months to come.
  5. Though the formal volunteer covenants for the Community of Living Traditions (CLT) have come to an end, CLT members are in the process of incorporating to assure that the community will survive and thrive in the long-term. It is our hope and expectation that CLT and SPC will continue to partner here on this campus.


Quakers often say that they will prayerfully "hold someone in the Light." We ask that you do so for all of us - those who remain on staff as well as the many volunteers and staff whose lives are up in the air as a result of the painful decision we had to make to let them go. 


We are deeply grateful to the Presbyterian Mission Agency, which allowed us to pay all of our employees through 14 weeks of closure. This supported us as we did our best to treat our employees with dignity and respect as we carried out the layoffs.



Kitty and Rick Ufford-Chase

Co-Directors of Stony Point Center