The verse Matthew 25:31 - 46 invites Christians to actively engage in the world around them so that their faith comes alive. Inspired by this passage, both the 222nd and the 223rd General Assemblies of the Presbyterian Church USA, implored  Presbyterians to act boldly and compassionately to serve hungry, oppressed, imprisoned and poor people.   

Stony Point Center is working in collaboration with Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary to develop an online curriculum to support the Matthew 25 vision. The first Matthew 25 course, "Awakening to Structural Racism," is designed for those whose awareness of the dynamics of structural racism is being awakened due to the uprisings in the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Tony McDade. This course is also for those who have been aware of these dynamics and for those who desire a brave space to deeply explore their participation in systems of white supremacy.

This course was offered online on August 10 thru August 27. If you are interested in viewing the recorded course, please reach out to Richard Ufford-Chase, co-director of Stony Point Center, 



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